Press Archive

The 3rd place of our join iCTF Team "We_0wn_Y0u" in the iCTF 2014-2015 contest was covered here: [TU-Wien], [Futurezone], [derStandard], [OE24], [], [Wirtschaftsblatt], [], [] and others.
We were interviewed by the 'Help' Magazin regarding the secure deletion of user data from smart phones: [link]
There was an interview with us concerning Smart Phone Application Security: [link]
The Austrian Futurezone covers our joint Smart Grid Security project SG2 and the critical infrastructure security research conducted at the Hardware Security Lab Vienna: [link]
Markus Kammerstetter is Studio Guest in 'Pro und Contra' concerning Edward Snowden and privacy: [Stream]
The TV Magazine "Newton" covered the Hardware Security Labs research on embedded system security for building fire alarm systems: [link]
The Austrian newspaper "der Standard" reported on our success at the iCTF 2013 [link]
There was a report on our clickonomics paper: NDSS 2013
DarkReading reported on our upcoming ACSAC paper: Disclosure
There was a report on our upload payments paper: Raid 2012
The Austrian newspaper Standard reports about our Facebook paper and PiOS [link]
Austria national TV (ORF) interviews iSecLab on recent Anonymous activity [Stream]
Funkschau (12/2011) writes about iSecLab, iPhone and Appz [download]
Switzerland national TV reports about PiOS [Stream]
The Register reports on our study on the privacy of file sharing services.
NewScientist published an article on EXPOSURE.
MIT Tech Review published an article on our iPhone app study.
Two of our recent publications have been Slashdotted at the same time: Here and here.
PC World published an article on our WEIS 2010 paper.
BBC News published an article on our WEIS 2010 paper.
DarkReading published an article on our LEET 2010 paper.
Brian Krebs blogged about our system FIRE.
DarkReading published an article on our our deanonymization attack.
Our deanonymization attack has been Slashdotted
Spiegel Online has published an article on our deanonymization attack. published an article on our social network deanonymization attack.
We gave an interview to Nature related to our work that shows that profile cloning attacks are feasible in practice.